Westminster Abbey, home of every coronation since 1066

6 Places the Queen would show you on a tour

Imagine if Her Majesty the Queen was your London tour guide. The Queen was born in 1926, and for a 90-year-old lady, she’s in remarkably good shape. However, we will keep this first tour to just a few places and pick up more in future. This really is an imaginary tour. You’ll find that three Continue reading

Buckingham Palace, home of Queen Elizabeth since 1937

Buckingham Palace on YouTube

Buckingham Palace, one of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s official residences, is one of the most famous buildings in the English-speaking world. I’ve been watching some videos to learn more about it. 2011 BBC Documentary by Fiona Bruce In 2011, Fiona Bruce, a BBC news reader, wrote and presented a three-part series called The Queen’s Palaces. Continue reading