The Sutton Hoo Helmet at the British Museum, by Don Brown

A Tudor Tower, Oranges and Lemons, a Gothic wonder, and the magnificent British Museum

Did you know you can visit a Tudor tower right in central London? It’s almost hidden in plain sight. Here are four special places for your London Heritage Hotspot explorations: the British Museum St Clement Danes Church St Pancras Station Canonbury Tower. The British Museum with Don Brown What’s one of my favourite London Heritage Continue reading

Robert Brown's testimony 1835

Robert Brown and Brownian Motion, the sillier side

This evening I was doing real research, seriously. Well, not that seriously. I wanted to know about the staff accommodations they used to have at the British Museum. This led me back to 1835 when a committee examined in great detail, everything the Museum had done since 1821. Some of the staff had apartments, others Continue reading

My favourite things in the British Museum

The British Museum is so full of amazing things, how can anyone truly pick a favourite? And yet … we all do. Mine haven’t changed much; nothing’s been dropped since 1991, but I added the last favourite in 2012. Room 17, Temple of the Nereids, or the Nereid Monument. I don’t want to spoil the Continue reading

H4 Marine Chronometer, the clock that changed the world of navigation. Courtesy David Brossard, CC Att SA Gen 2.0 license

Admiral Nelson and the man whose chronometer changed the world

On Horatio Nelson’s first trip to London he may very well have met the man who invented a clock, better called a marine chronometer, that changed navigation forever. Did they meet? I’ll set it out and you decide. Why Nelson came to London at age 12 Horatio Nelson was born in Norfolk on September 29, Continue reading