What are Personal London Heritage Hotspots?

This post is a bit different from the usual but don’t worry, we’ll be back to stories from London’s history before you know it.

In addition to posts here on the blog, I have a few other ways to explore London, and I’d like to offer two of them to you (they’re free) in case you know anyone who might be interested.

London Heritage Basics Newsletter

There have been two issues of the London Heritage Basics Newsletter and there will be more.

If you have subscribed and not received any yet, don’t worry, they will be sent shortly.

This is material that’s not on the blog although there is some overlap.

When I moved to London I knew nothing about it. There was so much fun in discovering London, and it’s still a lot of fun years later. However, I probably would have appreciated more, sooner, had I known even half of what English school children learn in their first five years.

The London Heritage Basics Newsletter is a way of helping you build your own mental map or timeline, framework, context, whatever you would like to call it. I include pieces about big historical events, popular culture that will build your understanding, and even a few tips for today’s tourist, though that isn’t the focus. (I would never have time to be a hotel reviewer, much as I would love to have someone pay for my accommodations in London.)

It’s free, there is nothing sales-y about it, so if it sounds interesting please take advantage.

Here’s a link to the page with the sign-up box.

Eventually I may convert the newsletter back issues to an e-book, but that remains to be decided.

Personal London Heritage Hotspots

Earlier today, loyal subscribers to this blog got a notice that a password-protected post had been put up. The notice is auto-generated by WordPress or I would have stopped it, so I’m sorry if it was kind of off-putting. What’s the point of being notified if you can’t see what the notice is for?

Here’s what’s going on.

I have started testing a service that I plan to run commercially. I went looking for 10 testers and so far I have four, so if this interests you, there’s still time.

I ask you for some information about one London ancestor (or other person from the past) whose haunts you would like to find and maybe visit.

Then I go away and write you a short report with information on the following places, provided I can find them:

  1. 3 public places and why they were significant to your person;
  2. 3 public but less prominent places and why they were significant;
  3. 4 personally significant places (e.g. homes);
  4. optional Google map.

If I can’t find the 3-3-4 items, I will substitute the best available to me.

The idea is to get you out there exploring, or at least exploring from your armchair.

If you want to get in on this while it’s free, the quid pro quo is that you will answer a few questions for me when you’ve received the report. Remember, this is a test. You will get useful information but I am testing different formats.

You can jump straight to the form where I ask you for information. I only use the information you give me for my use in making the report. I do not need or want you to give me information you are not comfortable sharing.

I would prefer that the person you select to have been born 100 years ago or longer but that can be varied. However, I’m not equipped to do a missing persons search for people who may be living today.

Here’s the link to the form, which you are welcome to share.

The first 10 completed forms are the ones I will use in the test.

By “completed”, I mean to the best of your ability. I know that you may not want to answer all the questions or you may not be able to. Another part of the test is to get feedback on the form.

So, now you know what today’s password-protected post was, you may be wondering if your report will show up in one of those. No. I wanted to try that format for the report, but I don’t like it. I’m testing other ways now.

Thanks very much to everyone who subscribes to the blog, to London Heritage Basics, or who has volunteered to be a tester. I really appreciate your support.


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