London Heritage Basics Guides

I often think about my first time in London. I wished I had known more about it. I could have appreciated it more.

I didn’t know who any of the kings and queens were, or what the City was, or that the River Thames used to be more important than the roads. I didn’t know there were Roman walls and floors still standing, or what Piccadilly Circus is, or that English cemeteries are history books waiting to be read. The money was new, the food was new, the buses and the Tube were new, and of course there were so many magnificent museums and art galleries and parks and gardens and more, all waiting to be explored.

My London Heritage Basics guides are just little things to read and use to give yourself some context for understanding and appreciating London. I’m not an expert, but I started my journey knowing nothing, and I could have used more context. That’s why I am creating these little guides – to get you ready to explore.

The guides come to you as newsletters straight from me, If you sign up to get the guides I will also tell you every time there is a new post on the blog. You can unsubscribe from either or both of these any time.

London Heritage Basics Guides

Lion head on the fountain at st martin in the fields

It's my pleasure to send you the free London Heritage Basics guides. They're brand new and will come to you as newsletters.
But – don't bother if you are only into sports and shopping, because I haven't got much to say about either. Sorry.

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