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Hello, and thanks for stopping by. On this page you will find contact information and a variety of ways I may be able to help you.

The basics: My name is Jill Browne. My email address is You can find me on Twitter @heritagehotspot, on Facebook at, and on Pinterest at

I hope you love exploring London as much as I do! I didn’t start out thinking of myself as a history buff, but the more I get my nose into it the more I find it adds to my travel.

If there are any stories you’d like to see on this blog, just let me know with the form below.

I’d love to hear about your own London adventures, past, present, and future.

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Having me write about you, or post about you on social media

I am independent and I only write or post about things I think are worth sharing.

I welcome inquiries from destinations and people in the travel and tourism trade. The areas of the world I am mainly interested in are listed below. I’m open to other suggestions.

London Heritage Hotspots is about London, but around the world there are lots of connected places, so I’m including more than London on my places list.

  • Heritage sites and events anywhere, provided there is a British connection, especially a connection to London
  • Canada
  • London, England
  • rest of the UK
  • Europe
  • New Zealand
  • Nordic and Viking places (including Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland).

Blue badge guides and other tour guides

I love to hear from independent tour guides, especially blue badge guides in London. If I am able to go on your tour and I find it worthwhile, I will definitely write about it. I may also be able to offer you very low cost or free advertising on this site, once I am familiar with what you do.

Let me proofread your web pages especially if English is not your first language

I can do a very quick scan of a web page and tell you if there are any mistakes. The charge is zero or a very low cost, depending how much work there is. It is not an in-depth review of your site, just a fast look. I have a lot of experience doing this.

Pinning my pictures on Pinterest

Please do! You may pin my pictures on Pinterest provided you link back to my blog. The link will happen automatically unless you decide to change it. Please do not do that.

Using my pictures

If the picture has a credit to me, or if it has no credit, please contact me before using the picture. Typically all I want is a link back, but if I have used someone else’s picture, I want to be sure it can be reused.

Using other people’s pictures

To avoid going through me, I try to include links to others’ pictures when I have put them on this site. You can go straight to the source and I don’t need to be involved.

Corrections and additions

These are always welcome. Just use the contact form or put a comment on the post. Many thanks!

Quoting me

Of course, with proper attribution.

Copying my article

Of course not! Not unless I have agreed in writing.